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If your pets are like your family, as mine are, then you probably would only let the best look after them. Elaine's Pet Care is the best! I have had Elaine coming to my home for a few years now to groom my cat Hallie. It is so much better to have her done at home in her own atmosphere and no stress. Elaine has a wonderful way with animals and they sense that from her. I can't say enough about what an excellent job Elaine does and her caring nature. If you are looking for a groomer for your pets I highly recommend Elaine. You will be very impressed with her professionalism.

Julie Johnson

Bailieboro, On

I have a dog who has had a traumatizing grooming experience in the past. I contacted Elaine and she took the time to come a week before and meet my dog to establish a comfort level. Today she was groomed, Elaine was patient and did everything she could to make sure she was comfortable. The results are fabulous best hair cut ever. Thanks so much Elaine!!

Veronica Konrad

Peterborough, On 

We employed Elaine Oakes for the first weekend in June, 2012, to look after 3 cats and 2 dogs. One dog is diabetic so we have not been able to get away. With Elaine's knowledge of pet's medications we were able to get away and know everything would be taken care of. Everyone was happy and our place was left tidy. I would highly recommend Elaine to care for your pet or pets.

Sandra Mansell

Peterborough, On

My husband and I moved to the Peterborough area a couple of years ago from Toronto. One of our biggest concerns was "where do we find a gentle, caring pet groomer in a city we really do not know"? Angus is a "Poodle" who is 13 years old and having no children he is a very important part of our life. He is a distinguished gentleman who has only experienced two groomers in his life. During the first year in our new home, we lovingly took him back to Toronto every six weeks for his groom. We kept looking within the Peterborough area for a groomer we thought would be gentle to our ageing pet but could not find a professional groomer that met our standard until I saw a posting from "Elaine" in a pet store that sparked my interest. Elaine eased our worries on her first visit to our home and Angus who is a spoiled, discriminating pooch immediately bonded with Elaine. "Thank-you Elaine" for your exceptional service and being a loving, caring groomer who understands our little guy! Each groom you go beyond to make Angus feel comfortable and happy.

L. Tilden

Bridgenorth, ON

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